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Dated: August 6 2020

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Hi There!

It's "Back To School" time and I know we are ALL STRESSED!! 

Questions like - What's going to happen? How are they going to open?  Will it be in person or online? Is there a hybrid? How will they track? Is this safe? .....the questions go ON and ON!!!

And then there's - My kid can't keep a mask on all day! My kid needs to get out of the house!!!

Don't worry, you're not the only one!  Almost every parent I know has concerns about how school will work this fall.

I know every school district is doing something different, but they all will end up with some kind of online component.

So in thinking about what my kid needs to be organized this year, I thought I'd create some lists and share them so we can all try our best to keep our kids on task, educated, and organized!

So, whether you're doing a hybrid, choosing to exclusively homeschool, just want to supplement because you don't think online is enough, OR whatever the case may be, here are a few suggestions.

I'm just getting started, so bookmark this page and check back every couple of days for more ideas!

Home School Essentials For All Ages

Grades Pre K-Kindergarten

Grades 1-2

Grades 3-4

Grades 5-6

Grades 7-8

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