Home Inspection...what to look for and why

Dated: July 22 2020

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Have you ever hear the expression - Don't judge a book by its cover?

This is especially true when purchasing real estate.  It all goes very quickly in the beginning, you go in, you like it, the, it looks good, but what about the things you can't see?

Don't skip inspection and add more stress to your plate later.  You can probably ask any experienced real estate agent and they'd tell you, inspections help deals from going wrong most of the time. 

Home inspectors can give peace of mind or point out issues you couldn't see by just doing a quick walk through.

Here are a few reasons why home buyer's should do a home inspection:

1. Structural Problems - houses settle, things shift, maybe something wasn't built 100% correctly.  Whatever the case may be, let the home inspector check it out.

2. Safety Issues - maybe there's unnoticed mold, or the need for a carbon monoxide check, or if there's a fireplace the chimney could be blocked.  Any number of things buyers might not think of, that inspectors do.

3. The need for future maintenance costs - big things to think of are always, roof, furnace, water heater, and air conditioning.  Let an inspector tell you the age and condition of each one so you know when they need to be replaced.

4. Price negotiations - all inspection items can be used for negotiation.  While buyers need to weigh the pros and cons of what to negotiate, they can use inspection to either get things fixed, reduce the price, or get cash back at closing to cover repairs. 

5. Buyers have the opportunity to back out of the deal - If major issues show up, the buyer can back out of the deal without penalty.

6. Buyers know what to expect when the home is theirs - it's nice for buyers to know what to look for in the home, whether is weather stripping around the windows or chipping paint or something major that needs to be fixed later.  Buyers should have peace of mind after inspection, knowing exactly what they are buying. 

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