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Dated: February 24 2020

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February 24 HOT Spot of the week:  SNOOZE AM Eatery

Have you been to SNOOZE?  They always seem to be crazy busy, and in my opinion, with good reason! 

The pancakes are FANTASTIC!  They also have a gluten friendly batter and can make any pancake with it.  My favorite is the sweet potato pancake.  It has candied walnuts and caramel sauce.  You don't even need syrup.   They are so good!

I lived on the East Coast for many years, and diners are HUGE there.  My favorite diner food is Corned Beef Hash.  I almost always order a side of corned beef hash at SNOOZE because they make it from scratch and it is so fresh, with just the right amount of peppers and onion.

If you haven't tried SNOOZE, you should.  Click on the website and do a call ahead so you don't have to wait long.

They also set up a coffee station for you to get your caffeine kick while you wait!


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