Colorado Springs Hiking Trails

Dated: August 20 2020

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Almost every month is a good month for hiking in Colorado, with over 300 sunny days a year!

Some places are more difficult to do during the snowy months, and you might need "spikes" to get through the ice if you REALLY want to hike there, but there are enough great hiking spots that you can check out to keep you both active and busy.

While there are many, many places to hike, I'm just going to list the ones that I've actually done!

Red Rocks Canyon Open Space

Trails for both bikes and walking, as well as an off-leash dog park area.  Parking lot fills up quickly, but people are continously coming and going.  Trail gets hot and dry, not a lot of greenery.

Garden of the Gods

There are so many trails to explore here.  PLUS, The AMAZING rock formations.  I've found driving in further to be better for parking, but look to park where you can because the road only goes in one direction.  The visitor center is pretty cool here too!

Pulpit Rock

This is an extremely challenging hike, but really fun!  We did it with snow on the ground, so it was slippery coming down.  There were also Mountain Lion prints at the top, in the snow, so be cautious!

Broadmoor 7 Falls

Amazing water falls!! Enough said. 

Austin Bluffs Open Space

More flat and open trails to explore.  Especially with small children.

UTE Valley Trail

Right in the middle of surrounding neighborhoods.  You wouldn't know it by the views!  Great for hiking and mountain biking.  Some areas can be challenging.  Hike is not really long, and it's easy to get "lost" if you take one of the side trails. 

North Cheyenne Canon Park

Again, WATERFALLS!!  Nice hikes to waterfalls.  Some spots are challenging.  Water flow depends on time of year. 

Let me know if you've checked any of these out OR if there's more that I should check out and add to the list!

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