Benefits of an Open House and How They Work During Covid

Dated: June 26 2020

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On the fence about having an open house?  Here are some reasons why having one is a good idea.

Reasons to have an OPEN HOUSE:

Open houses benefit sellers.

  1. Holding an open house is a great opportunity for the seller to market their home another way. Buyers will have a better opportunity to see the house when it's both advertised through various media outlets as well as through an open house.
  2.  Holding an open house makes your home available to buyers to see what could be theirs.  They might like the neighborhood, but be unsure of what type of home they'd like.  Seeing an open house may help them decide. 

Benefits Buyers

  1. Looking at buying a new home can be overwhelming, open houses give buyers an opportunity to browse through a prospective home in a stress-free environment. Buyers do not have to feel much pressure about interacting with a listing agent at an open house, buyers can generally roam through an available home at their own pace, and they do not have to worry about scheduling an appointment.  
  2. Open houses also allow buyers to check out the neighborhood.  Whether they end up "loving" the house or not, they can check out neighboring houses and streets.
  3. Lastly, open houses provide buyers the opportunity to connect with a realtor. Many buyers come to open houses without the representation of a real estate agent, because they are starting the buying process and don't yet have one. Many times they will form a connection with the agent holding the open house - so it's a win for all!

Open houses benefit real estate agents.

  1. Open houses are a great place for prospective buyers to meet a real estate agent, as well as, a great place for agents to meet prospective clients. Agents are a knowledgeable resource about the home, so it's a great way for both agents and clients to meet.
  2. Some sellers want to hold multiple open houses, in the current pandemic virtual open houses are a great way to allow for this to happen, whithout the worry of so many people coming through the house.
  3. Lastly, holding an open house provides the agent the opportunity to share one-on-one knowledge of a neighborhood with any prospective buyers.      

If you are looking to buy or sell...try open houses.  You can also seach on Facebook for Meeting Rooms featuring open houses in your area. It's a fun way to see a house!  Give it a try!

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