Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade by Year

Dated: November 22 2021

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If you know me, you know that I really don't love thanksgiving at all. In fact, it's my least favorite holiday. 
I know I know, people love all the food. But not me.

What I DO love though is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  When I lived in NJ, we started making it a tradition to go into NYC for the parade. We always find a different spot to stand and watch. I can remember going once in high school with a friend of mine. We walked by the park where they were prepping all the floats, stayed at her aunt and uncles right outside of Central Park, then watched the parade from the park. It rained that year. We sat tight with our umbrellas. And then we took the train home to Metuchen (a small town in NJ where we lived. 
Another year my mom took us and we accidentally stood in the silent zone where no music could be played.

My favorite year though, was the year we stood right across from Radio City Music Hall.  And then we got a bar seat at Teds Montana Grill and ate nachos! 

So in honor of my favorite part of Thanksgiving, here's a year by year history of the parade. 

Macy’s Day Parade Through the Years

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