10 Social Distancing Ideas for the Holidays

Dated: November 16 2020

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I know we are all really tired of hearing about social distancing.  And for most of us, social distancing for the holidays sounds awful. But here's the thing, the sooner we can "flatten the curve" and "stop the spread" the sooner we can go back to normal. 

So, instead of feeling sad about not gathering in person, I've compiled a list of fun ways to celebrate while maintaining social distancing.  Life is what you make of it, so let's have a good time!

Virtual Dinner - (this ones obvious) I know most of us have become Zoom, Skype, Webex, Duo, or whatever video conferencing apps you're using for work, so take advantage.  Set up your phones, ipads or computers at a place setting on the table and everyone still eat together.  It might be fun to talk about what foods everyone made for themselves that are different.  AND if grandma doesn't have a way to video chat - you can still give her a call!

Socially Distanced Cookie Swap - (with neighbors and friends) We're all home and have time to bake, so why not organize or participate in a cookie swap?  Whip up a classic cookie recipe Or try something new!  Everyone drop off their cookies on the doorstep of 1 other person!  You could even organize a video chat or Facebook room to taste test after.

Pie Swap - If you don't want to do cookies, do pies instead!

Holiday Photo Competition - Just about everyone uses social media, have a holiday photo competition!  You can even come up with different themes like - Best Christmas Tree Pic, Best Turkey Pic, Holiday Hats, etc....use your imagination and get creative!

End of the Year Book Swap - End the year with a fun book swap! Everyone who is participating will choose a name (secretly) and will gift that person their favorite book from 2020.  Call the gifter after you've read the book to talk about what you loved and didn't love about the book!

EAT OUTSIDE - If it's warm where you live, move your gathering outside.  String some fun party stuff, decorate the table, add some extra folding tables and keep everyone a SAFE distance from each other. 

Play Virtual Thanksgiving Games - Our family tradition is to always play games on the holidays.  If we can't be together, we can still come up with fun ways to play games virtually.  Check out these fun Thanksgiving Games and adapt as applicable Thanksgiving Games

Send Notes or Cards - Send notes or cards to those loved ones you can't be with.  It still says you're thinking about them.  And who doesn't love to get mail?  If you can swing it, throw in a $5 gift card for a coffee or a special treat they enjoy. 

Send a Meal - If you can, send your loved one a meal OR if you live close enough, drop it off at their door. 

Do a Car Train - Again, if you live close enough, have family member make a celebration train to drive by older family members homes.  We've all seen the birthday trains, just do it with a twist! 

If you do decide to have guest over here are the CDC Recommended Guidelines for having a safe celebration:  CDC Holiday Celebration Guide


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